Project 86
Project 86 OMNI, Pt. 1

OMNI, Pt. 1

Independent (2023)
0 Is Greater Than 1
Project 86 Sheep Among Wolves

Sheep Among Wolves

Independent (2017)
Project 86 Knives To The Future

Knives To The Future

Team Black (2014)
Project 86 Wait For The Siren

Wait For The Siren

Team Black (2012)
Fall, Goliath, Fall
New Transmission
Off The Grid
Omerta's Sons
Project 86 Picket Fence Cartel

Picket Fence Cartel

Tooth & Nail (2009)
Dark Angel Dragnet
The Butcher
Project 86 And The Rest Will Follow

And The Rest Will Follow

Tooth & Nail (2005)
All of Me (Number 1)
My Will Be A Dead Man (Number 1)
Something We Can't Be (Top 5)
Project 86 Songs To Burn Your Bridges By

Songs To Burn Your Bridges By

Tooth & Nail (2004)
A Shadow On Me (Number 1)
Safe Haven (Number 1)
The Great Golden Gate Disaster
Breakneck Speed
Project 86 This Is Solid State Vol. 3

This Is Solid State Vol. 3

Solid State (2002)
Spy Hunter
Project 86 Truthless Heroes

Truthless Heroes

Atlantic (2002)
Another Boredom
Hollow Again (Number 1)
Know What It Means
Project 86 Drawing Black Lines

Drawing Black Lines

BEC (2000)
Chapter 2 (Top 5)
One Armed Man
Open Hand
Project 86 Project 86

Project 86

BEC (1998)